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For customers outside of Japan, our EMS shipping flat fee is based on 600g or less package weight. If you exceed 600g, we will ask you for the extra shipping fee in a separate email. We charge 10% of the total order amount as Packaging fee, which is listed as JPY tax on your invoice.
Weight Example: Tenugui 33g/Musubi 104cm 190g/Greeting Card 14g Hyogensha Memo pad 35g/Paper Mobile 185g/Cotton handkerchief 24g/ Cotton -linen Cloth 54g/3cm Masking Tape 29g/2cm Masking Tape 19g/Postcard 5g/Letter set 41g/Calendar 1pc in a tube 108g/Calendar 2pcs in a tube 141g/Calendar 3pcs in a tube 174g/Die-cut Card 10g/A4 Wrapping paper 30g/Mini-greeting card 6g